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Propecia for hair growth
Using finasteride(also known as Generic Propecia) previously treated prostate. But further testing of this drug have shown that with its help solve other men's issue, hair loss. In the experiments was attended by about a million people of different nationalities and races. The effect of all was the same. Finasteride helped prevent the loss of hair and contributed to their rapid growth.

If you notice that the hair starts to fall, buy finasteride immediately. But take it only with the permission of the physician and under its control. The drug is a large amount of testosterone that impact most positively on the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. This is what affects the hair growth. Baldness treatment is appointed individually, and the course will last several months.

The description of the drug

To stop the loss of hair, actively stimulate their growth are able unique capabilities of the drug against hair loss men – propecia (Propecia).

Modern man needs to be successful in everything. This applies not only to its core business or a prestige car, the appearance is no less an important part. It is the first impression of the man, so self-confident men, accustomed to achieve goals, are not willing to accept such a pressing problem for many as hair loss. Already long gone are the days when a diagnosis of alopecia sounded like a death sentence for representatives of a strong half of mankind. Today the modern pharmaceutical industry offers many high-performance and reliable medicine for baldness in men. One of them is generic propecia. He is able not just to stop this unpleasant phenomenon, but also prevents hair loss and also has a positive effect for the growth of new.

That's why many men all over the world managed to cope with this negative phenomenon. Propecia is very popular, and rave reviews from those who have managed to stop this process and even find a new hair eloquently about it.

The composition and form of issue

Initially generic propecia was developed to restore the function of the prostate gland. Its therapeutic action was to stabilize the level of digidrosteron. However, clinical studies have shown that this remedy has another positive effect on the male body. And, it taking it, the stimulation of the growth and normalization processes necessary to improve the condition of the hair follicles. While taking generic propecia is the improvement of metabolic processes in hair follicles. As a result, those hair cells that were affected due to degenerative processes, fully or partially restored.

The active substance finasteride allows not only to normalize metabolic processes, but also provide a stimulating effect for the normal development of new hair follicles. Generic propecia is intended for long-term treatment. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a stable positive effect not only to stop hair loss and restore hair growth. It is completely safe, highly effective, and you'll be practically no side effects. Due to the special formula of this drug is tailored to the male body, it is not recommended to accept women. Compliance with the recommendations prescribed in the instructions will achieve the expected result.

The recommended dose is one pill per day, which contains 1mg of the active substance finasteride. Food does not affect its effectiveness. Minimum use of propecia needs to be 3 months. Only after this time can be seen a positive result. To continue active growth of hair or reduce the rate of hair loss it is imperative to continue treatment to consolidate the positive effect. You need to remember that the discontinuation of generic propecia may lead to return the previous state. This usually occurs after the suspension of the drug for 12 months.

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