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Course dates and fees

Fees are payable when you receive an offer from us. Your offer pack will include details of how to pay. Please note:

  • Fees include registration, tuition and College services but not accommodation, coursebooks, external exams, meals, travel or trips.
  • Durations listed below are teaching weeks only. Durations longer than one term will include College holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

Download our full list of course fees as a PDF.

English: Standard Schedule

You'll study 15 hours of English: Standard Schedule classes a week. Classes are in the morning at 9:30-13:00. 

Start DateEnd DateDuration (weeks)Fee
12 September 2016 14 December 2016 12+ £1,675
12 September 2016 31 March 2017 23+ £3,050
12 September 2016 30 June 2017 33+ £4,250
12 September 2016 25 August 2017 41+ £5,250
Flexible durations and dates

Dates and durations are flexible, but you must study for a duration of 4 weeks minimum. If the dates above do not suit you, choose another start date below and state your preferred end date on your application form. 

September termJanuary term 2017
19 September 16 January
26 September 23 January
3 October 30 January
10 October 20 February
31 October 27 February
7 November 6 March
14 November 13 March
21 November  

Elective classes

You can add one or two elective classes to your 15 hour English: Standard schedule programme.

Elective classes are in the afternoons after morning English classes. Each course of elective classes makes up 5 hours per week and lasts 4 weeks except 10 - Skills for teaching English with TKT which lasts 8 weeks. Course 10 can only be started during sessions A, C, E and F. Other courses can be started during any sessions. 

1 Cambridge exam preparation 13:30-14:30
2 IELTS preparation 13:30-14:30
3 Skills for UK university studies 14:45-15:45
4 Business/professional English 13:30-14:30
5 Presentation, meeting and negotiation skills 13:30-14:30
6 Writing and grammar 13:30-14:30
7 Intensive pronunciation and speaking fluency 14:45-15:45
8 Experience London and the UK 14:45-15:45
9 Preparation for work placement and career 14:45-15:45
10 Skills for teaching English with TKT 14:45-15:45
Course dates
A 18 January - 12 February
B 22 February - 18 March
C 18 April - 13 May
D 6 June - 1 July
E 4 - 29 July
F 1 - 26 August
G 26 September - 21 October
H 7 November - 2 December

Each elective is £280 in addition to your English: Standard schedule fee. If you book four electives this will cost £1,080 then £270 for each additional to this.

One-to-one private lessons

You can add one-to-one lessons to focus on your specific needs and professional requirements.

There is a tuition fee of £65 per lesson (1 hour). The minimum number you can book is 2 lessons. 

If you book 8-14 lessons you'll receive a 5% discount; if you book 15+ lessons you'll receive a 7.5% discount.

These fees are separate to the fees for any other courses.

Summer English

Classes are in the morning at 9:30-13:00. You'll study 15 hours a week.

Start DateEnd DateDuration (weeks)Fee
3 July 2017 25 August 2017 8 £1,120
3 July 2017 11 August 2017 6 £840
3 July 2017 28 July 2017 4 £560
17 July 2017 25 August 2017 6 £840
17 July 2017 11 August 2017 4 £560
31 July 2017 11 August 2017 4 £560

English with professional work placement

This programme has 2 stages: a period of English studies, including the preparation for work placement and career course from our Elective programme, followed by an unpaid work placement, sometimes called an internship, in a professional work sector.

The duration is flexible. You can study from a minimum of 12 weeks – 4 weeks English studies plus 8 weeks placement – but the normal duration is 16 weeks or longer. 

In addition to the course fees for the English and Elective classes, there is a work placement arrangement fee of £550 (£625 for a placement in a difficult sector). For placements of 17 weeks or more there is an additional £150 supplement. Our arrangement fees cover the organisational and administrative costs needed to ensure your placement meets your requirements, suits your skillset and level of English, and provides the best opportunity for you to improve your English and develop professionally. 

Professional Skills: Teaching (Cambridge CELTA)

The course is available as a 4 week course, with classes 5 days a week or a 10 week course, with classes 2+ days a week.

We also offer the Skills for Teaching English with Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) course for 8 weeks, with classes 5 hours a week. See the Elective classes section for dates. 

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