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industry standard courses south London adults 16-18 year olds
  • industry standard courses south London adults 16-18 year olds
  • industry standard courses south London adults 16-18 year olds
  • industry standard courses south London adults 16-18 year olds

College Campuses

Carshalton College, Kingston College and South Thames College are pleased to announce they have today published a public consultation outlining their proposal to merge on 1 August 2017.

The merger will bring together the strengths of all three colleges, enhancing opportunities for current and future students and safeguarding the provision of further education to local businesses and communities across south west London.

It provides an opportunity to enhance local provision by combining the expertise and world-class facilities of all three organisations to make a stronger, more resilient college group.

Should a merger go ahead following consultation, it will cause minimal disruption to current students. The College is not changing, it is becoming part of a wider group of colleges which are working together.

The public consultation runs until 18 April and all responses must be received by the closing date. Once the consultation closes the colleges will collate all the responses and the outcome of the consultation will be published in June.

A copy of the consultation document can be viewed here: It provides details on why the three colleges wish to merge and how you can share your thoughts on the proposal. Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions can be found here too.

Prince's Trust at Carney's Community

Wandsworth Prince’s Trust Team 62 (part of South Thames College) consists of 13 young people aged 16 – 25. Team 62 have decided to use their skills to benefit and help the community by redecorating and helping Carney’s Community (Boxing & Youth Centre) in Battersea. The project provided useful evidence towards their Prince’s Trust Certificate in Employment, Teamwork and Community Skills.

The project was from the 7th to the 17th February and they redecorated the inside of Carney’s Community Club by removing the mould and repainting the inside walls, cleaning the outside and helped to raise awareness about Carney’s, by doing a promotional video and giving out flyers.

The reason the Wandsworth Prince’s Trust Team chose the Carney’s Community Centre is because it is well known for offering help and support to young, vulnerable and unemployed people. Carney’s Community is also non-government funded so relies on help from donations that people make. Due to these reasons, Team 62 were eager to work with them and support them achieve their ethos to ‘help young people be the best they can be’.

Prince’s Trust Team member, Sergio said, “the project makes a positive contribution to the lives of young people by helping them create better opportunities for themselves”. Joseph added, “not only does it benefit the local community, but also the youth because it gives them a positive and safe place to be”.

The Wandsworth Prince’s Trust Team fundraised for the project themselves on the 2nd of February, with the support of ASDA in Battersea, by helping people pack their bags in the supermarket. They raised an impressive £570.20 to use to buy materials and donate money to Carney’s Community.

Hospitality and Catering Students Thrive in Skills Initiative

Jockey Club Catering (JCC) in conjunction with South Thames’ Hospitality and Catering Academy have developed a student led skills initiative which is now in its second year.

The initiative tests students' abilities to work unsupervised under pressure; form teams with appropriate and supportive skills set: design, pitch, cost and prepare menu's to a challenging specified client brief within a short timescale.

The criteria for this year's challenge allowed the students just four weeks to organise teams, cost menus and prepare for the menu pitch and cook-off.

Three teams of Level 2 and Level 3 student chefs pitched menu ideas to JCC Culinary Director - Frazer Wilson, along with the JCC Epsom team, around a pre-published and fully costed challenging client brief. Following the Dragon's Den style pitch, the students were judged on a cook-off of the selected dishes before agreeing the final menus to form part of the JCC annual Skills Fair. Each of the three teams of six students competed in a live kitchen cook off at the skills fair and had to produce seventy portions of their three course menu for attending guests.

Academy Honorary Chef Patron Albert Roux OBE and Michel Roux Jnr were on hand to judge the final cook-off and award the winners with a £50 voucher each and a week's work experience with Chez Roux restaurants.

All competitors received a certificate of participation and a signed cookery book by Michel Roux Jnr.

It has also been confirmed that all competing students will be offered the opportunity to work for JCC at the Epsom Derby Festival 2017 in June. Likewise, the winning team will also be invited to prepare and serve their menu during the festival in the JCC corporate suite.

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