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A-levels at Merton 6th

Taking your A-levels at Merton 6th, will open up more choice and a more adult experience for you than school.

Our sixth form college is specially designed for 6th form students so you’ll have to be 16-18 years old at the start of your course.

We offer over 20 AS and A-levels - and we're always adding more - to let you combine the subjects that interest you most.

You’ll choose a full time programme of three or four AS or A2 Level courses. For example when you complete the application form you can apply for one A2 and choose other AS Levels to make up your full programme.

Our sixth form college in south London will feel different from your school. The teachers here work only with sixth formers and will help you develop study skills and ideas for your future - whether that's university, a higher education course with us or elsewhere, or getting straight into work.

a-levels lenon-nyatsungo

Lenon Nyatsungo Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

“I am so pleased with my results at AS Level and that my hard work has paid off. The college is really great for science which is what I want a career in. The teachers treat you like adults but also offer you their support. I’ve got another year to go but I’m confident that I’ll achieve the grades I need. I’m really pleased I chose this college.”

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