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Cashless payment

For quick and easy payment in our cafés and canteens, swipe and go with your ID card.

Top up online


Top up your ID card on the WisePay website using your WisePay username and password (all new students are emailed this automatically). You can check your balance on WisePay too.

Top up on campus

Use the top up machines outside the big canteen at Wandsworth, and next to reception and the refectory at Merton. Just touch your ID card on the sensor and insert your money. If you need to reset the machine after someone has used it, press the round, silver button. You can also check your balance at the machines.

Lost ID cards

If you lose your ID card your balance will be transferred automatically to your new card. Student Services can help you if you need a replacement ID card.


Money left on your card at the end of the academic year, or at the end of your course, will not be returned. Make sure you spend your balance so you don’t lose out!

Free College Meals

If you qualify for free college meals your card is topped up automatically every day. You must spend it on the same day as the balance will not be carried over.

Need help? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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