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Introduction to Diploma in Police Interpreting (DPI) - Advanced


You'll take this course to prepare for the Diploma in Police Interpreting (DPI) test, taken externally with the Institute of Linguists in November/December or June.

Classes typically have about 15-20 students. You may work in groups, in pairs or individually and need to complete homework outside the class. Classes consist of three components:

  • Knowledge of main translation theories, where students research and analyse theories of translation and their application in different areas.
  • Knowledge of terminology and techniques to create a term bank,
  • Practice for the exam translating different types of texts under exam conditions. -Role-play practice The course does not provide foreign language translation tutors therefore students must have an excellent command of the foreign language and must undertake their own research of foreign subject terminology.


Tutor feedback on class activities. 2 Translations into foreign language marked by a language specialist. Tutor and peer assessment when performing in a role-play

Entry Requirements

English L1 or above. Previous interpreting experience is recommended but not essential.

You need to take a written assessment in English before being accepted into the course. These run in Wandsworth and Tooting about a week before the course starts.

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There is a materials fee to cover handouts, and for your translations to be marked by qualified external interpreters. The materials fee does not include your exam fee; you must enrol and pay for these through the Chartered Institute of Linguists (IoL).

Next Steps

When you've passed the DPI exam you can apply to join the National Register of Public Service Interpreters, the main database for court and police interpreters in England and Wales.

Important information

All courses run subject to demand and the content listed here should be used as a guide only. Course content may vary according to a range of factors such as course duration, campus, teaching staff and requirements from awarding bodies. Check our course and fee guidelines for further details.

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