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training for your employees in London
  • training for your employees in London
  • cleaning training for your employees in London
  • training for your employees in London
  • cleaning training for your employees in London

Free Professional Online Training for Your Staff

South Thames College is an established provider of training and education, offering government funded courses to school leavers, adults and professionals.

We are now offering our business and community partners free distance-learning training for their staff and volunteers to help them develop further in their respective roles. The courses are sector relevant, professionally accredited and free.

They are ideal professional development opportunities during this period of closure, when many employees are working from home. Learners will have a named tutor who keeps in regular contact and helps them progress through a coursework pack towards a final qualification.

Online course topics offered include:

  • Awareness of Mental Health Problems - This course is an introduction to some of the common signs, triggers, and impacts of mental health problems. The qualification also focuses on potential measures to support people with the illness.
  • Certificate in Digital Skills - This course provides an introduction to developing digital literacy skills and identifying the potential routes for learners to progress into roles where digital literacy is required in the future.
  • Certificate in Equality & Diversity - This course provides an introduction to the wide-ranging legislation that is essential in creating a workplace that is centred on fairness, dignity and respect.
  • Certificate in Information, Advice and Guidance - This course provides an initial introduction to offering clear and accurate information, advice or guidance, and knowing what can be shared legally and professionally.
  • Certificate in Principles of Customer Service - This course provides an introduction to the characteristics of providing high levels of customer service.
  • Common Health Conditions - This course looks at common health conditions in the UK. This knowledge is essential for anyone looking to either join or develop their career in the care sector.
  • Counselling Skills - This course provides learners with an initial understanding of the knowledge and the skills that will help them to support other people improve their personal well-being.
  • Creating a Business Set-up - This course introduces how the initial processes and requirements of a business start-up can increase the chances of your business succeeding. If you are looking to start your own business, or already have a business, but want to develop and progress your business plan, this qualification will support you with the skills and knowledge you need.
  • Customer Service for Health & Social Care Settings - This course is designed to help learners develop positive working relationships with customers in a health and social care setting, using effective communication.
  • Falls Prevention Awareness - This course is suitable for anyone working in health and social care and those who have contact with older people who are more susceptible to falls.
  • Improving Personal Exercise, Health, & Nutrition - This course provides an initial understanding of diets, the role of nutrition in exercise, and personal motivation as an important part of maintaining well-being.
  • Introducing Caring for Children & Young People - This course provides an initial understanding of the risks of abusive and exploitative behaviour that some children experience, and what strategies are used to protect them from this behaviour, whilst following procedures.
  • Preparing to Work In Adult Social Care - This course provides an initial support and guidance for existing or potential care workers in order to consider providing adequate person-centered care.
  • Principles of Business Administration - This course provides an introduction to administration concepts and practices found in modern workplaces.
  • Principles of Care Planning - This course provides an introduction to the key factors that need to be considered in planning and delivering effective care for vulnerable adults.
  • Principles of Dementia Care - This course provides an introduction to planning and providing effective care for people with dementia.
  • Principles of End of Life Care - This course provides an introduction to the principles of how to plan and deliver end of life care.
  • Principles of Team Leading - This course is an introduction to providing guidance, direction and instruction within a group, that inevitably leads to more effective teamwork and more motivated employees.
  • Principles of The Prevention & Control of Infections in Health Care Settings - This course is an introduction to the key steps that need to be taken to ensure infections do not spread within health care settings.
  • Principles of Working with People with Learning Disabilities - This courses provides people either currently or looking to work with people with learning disabilities, with an overview of relevant legislation and the healthcare system, as well as an understanding of the signs and symptoms of various conditions.
  • Understanding Autism - This course provides an introduction to an understanding of the misconceptions, diagnoses, and support surrounding autism.
  • Understanding Behaviour That Challenges - This course provides an introduction to understanding the causes of challenging behaviour, and the steps towards finding ways to support individuals and manage their behaviour.
  • Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health - This course provides an introduction to the factors which may impact on children and young people's mental health, and the steps that can be taken to support with managing these concerns.
  • Understanding Common Childhood Illnesses - The purpose of this course is to increase learners’ knowledge and understanding of common childhood illnesses to enable them to support the development and well being of infants and children they support/care for.
  • Understanding Data Protection and Data Security - This course provides an introduction to current legislation in regards to data protection, possible threats to systems, and how to protect them.
  • Understanding Dignity & Safeguarding in Adult Health & Social Care - This course introduces the key principles of dignity, duty of care and safeguarding, and how they are implemented.
  • Understanding Nutrition and Health - This course provides an introduction to the benefits of a balanced diet, and the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease is fundamental.
  • Understanding Personal Care Needs - This course provides an introduction to developing person-centered approaches to delivering high levels of personal care.
  • Understanding Retail Operations - This course provides an introduction to the different aspects of the UK retail industry, including customer service, stock control, and the laws that impact on it.
  • Understanding Safeguarding & Prevent - The purpose of this course is to support anyone who is responsible for the safeguarding of people and for helping prevent radicalisation. It gives learners an understanding of recognising the signs of abuse, how to reduce the risk of radicalisation and the potential consequences of illegal online activity.
  • Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties - The purpose of this course is to equip learners with knowledge of a range of specific learning difficulties, such as ADHD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia. The course is aimed at learners looking to improve their understanding and awareness of the below key topics, especially those working in healthcare, social care and education.
  • Understanding Tenant Support in Social Housing - The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the range of services provided by social housing, the issues that tenants might face, and how to correctly record and report any problems.
  • Understanding The Care & Management of Diabetes - This course provides an introduction to the forms and causes of Diabetes, and the importance of careful management and monitoring of the disease.
  • Understanding Working with People with Mental Health Needs - The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the role of mental health workers, the importance of duty of care in adult health and social care, and the correct approaches to care and management in this area of work. 

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All courses are subject to available funding and associated resources.