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5 tips to help you prepare for your child's gcse results day

Although the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted study and exams, students will still get GCSE results on 20 August.  All GCSE qualifications will be graded using calculated results this summer, since most exams and assessments in 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Your child may be feeling nervous for their results during this unsettling time and you may be worried about what to do if the results don’t turn out how they wanted, the right parent support can make all the difference so follow our top tips.

  1. Plan the Day 

Talk to them about what the plan is for the results day ahead of time, check with the school what the process is to receive the results, this will help combat last minute stresses, maybe plan something fun for the evening. 

  1. Utilise the support available

Teachers will be on hand to help you with working out any grades and what to do next, they will be able to advise on local sixth form or colleges for further education.

  1. Make yourself familiar with the grading

The grades have changed to numbers and it is hard to keep up! See below how these equate to the old letter gradings:


Please see below external links to the process for awarding GCSE’s this summer which will give you more information on how your child's grades will be calculated: 

Process for awarding GCSEs 

Awarding qualifications in Summer 2020

  1. Preparing for next steps 

If on the day your child doesn't get the grades they are hoping for, don't worry, there is plenty of help at hand, make sure you have the phone numbers of the sixth form or college your child has applied to.

  1. Knowing your child's options

If your child doesn't get onto their chosen course, there will be other options available. It may be worth looking into Apprenticeships. Some colleges may have virtual information point days which your child can call for advice and guidance and virtually enrol.