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Learner Support

For students on mainstream courses, our Learner Support Team helps over 1,000 people each year achieve success.

How to access support

You can let us know if you want support when you fill in the application or enrolment form for your course, or by filling in a support referral form at your interview or in a tutorial. If you have a learning difficulty assessment document, special educational needs statement or Education, Health and Care plan, please provide copies of these with your form as they might help us get additional funding for you.

After your application you'll meet with one of our support specialists who will assess your needs. We'll tailor a support plan for you which - with your permission - will be sent to your teacher and other relevant staff. If you have a medical condition or physical disability you'll also receive a health and safety plan.

You can discuss your support requirements with us at any point.

What support is available

Your support plan will depend on your level of need and could include:

  • Language, literacy and numeracy support, and/or a learning mentor
  • Specialist teaching outside of class (for learning difficulties)
  • A reading group
  • Mentoring
  • Specialist software and adapted equipment such as JAWS screen reader, literacy software Text Help and Read&Write, and magnifiers
  • Speech and language therapy
  • A learner support worker in and/or outside of class
  • A social skills group
  • A British Sign Language communicator or note taker
  • Special exam arrangements such as a reader, scribe or extra time
  • Personal care.

Financial support

If you have a disability, mental health condition or learning difficulty and are on a higher education level course, you could receive a grant called the Disabled Students' Allowance to help you during your studies. It does not need to be repaid. Find out more about the Disabled Students' Allowance.

Visit us

You are welcome to visit us. Check our college open days page for details. Our learning support staff attend these events and can explain how you may be supported during your course. With notice, we are usually able to help with any extra support you may need eg signers or speaking guides. All our sites are fully accessible.

For more information on what our Learner Support team provide and to see case studies from previous students, download the Learner Support brochure.

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