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industry standard courses south London adults 16-18 year olds
  • industry standard courses south London adults 16-18 year olds
  • industry standard courses south London adults 16-18 year olds
  • industry standard courses south London adults 16-18 year olds
28 October 2019

Foundation Art & Design students left inspired by exceptional workshop with famous British Sculptor, Anthony Gormley

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South Thames College Art & Design students were invited to the Royal Academy of Arts for ‘Access Art 25’, which is a free event organised by the Academy to encourage engagement in the arts through a series of professional talks, workshops and in this instance, the Anthony Gormley exhibition. The level 3 & 4 UAL Foundation students at South Thames College, Wandsworth were selected out of several hundred other participants to take part in a special hour long workshop with Anthony Gormley in the Keepers Studio at the Academy. 

During the workshop, the students worked with Anthony himself, creating abstract depictions in clay using 3D sculptural techniques which were then developed further as each person responded to the next idea. They also had the opportunity to speak with Anthony about his pathway into becoming a famous British sculptor. Students came away from the workshop feeling inspired and excited to use the ideas they had learned from Anthony. We spoke to our students about their experience;

Queen Mutesi really enjoyed the exhibition and workshop, “I specifically enjoyed looking at Anthony’s steal pieces that were abstract, I liked the simplicity and composition of his art, it’s almost like telling a story. We worked with clay where we only had a minute to create something out of the clay ball so it taught me how to work fast under pressure and still have a great outcome. I learnt how to make 3D art pieces and will incorporate them into my own Art.”

Laura Rodrigues commented “Something so simple taught me so much, we worked in groups and used clay to create objects from our imagination, the workshop really highlighted that we all think differently it taught me to use my imagination and something so simple can change the way we see things, art is no wrong and right, there is what you see and what others see that can be so different.”

Sara Santos learnt about the deeper meaning to peoples’ art and how everyone views art differently, “I really enjoyed being able to interact with other young artists in a great environment, I learnt to be more opinionated when it comes to looking at other work and learn that there can be many emotional meanings to the art.”

Joshua Manning commented, “My favourite part of the visit was the activity in the clay workshop where we created a series of clay balls and made our own version and opinions on each other’s sculptures, I learnt more clay techniques and philosophical acts about clay making. If I create a clay sculpture in this course I’ll be able to apply the knowledge from the workshop.”

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