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Health Care Practice Managers


Healthcare practice managers plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the work and resources of medical, dental and other types of healthcare practice, including veterinary practices.


  • Plans work schedules, assigns tasks and delegates responsibilities of practice staff
  • Oversees staff training and monitors training needs
  • Takes responsibility for health and safety matters within the practice
  • Negotiates contracts for services with other health care providers and purchasers
  • Maintains patient files on medical history, consultations made and treatment undertaken and/or drugs prescribed
  • Organises duty rosters for professional and support staff in practice
  • Takes responsibility for stock control of practice equipment, drugs etc.
  • Liaises with relevant outside organisations (e.g. NHS trust, PCT, social services, drug companies, professional bodies)
  • Responsible for budgeting, pricing and accounting activities within the practice.

Entry Requirements

There are no pre-set entry requirements. Candidates are recruited with a variety of academic qualifications or with relevant experience. Professional qualifications are available and are required for certain posts.

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