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Roundspersons & Van Salespersons


Roundspersons and van salespersons deliver and sell food, drink and other goods by calling on householders or by selling from a mobile shop or van and call on households to collect and receive payment for laundered or similarly serviced articles.


  • Loads vehicle with food, drink, or articles that have been laundered, etc.
  • Drives vehicle over established route and parks at recognised stopping places or households
  • Calls at customers’ premises and delivers ordered goods
  • Calls out, rings bell or otherwise attracts attention to the items on sale
  • Sells goods, records deliveries, takes further orders or articles requiring servicing and collects cash or prepares bill
  • Returns to depot and hands in unsold goods and cash.

Entry Requirements

No academic qualifications are required but candidates should hold a clean driving licence. Off- and on-the-job training is provided.

What could I earn?