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Merch&isers & Window Dressers


Merchandisers and window dressers replenish stocks of goods in stores, advise retailers on the optimum display of merchandise and create displays of merchandise in shop windows.


  • Monitors stock movements, considers customer requirements and assists customers in completing orders
  • Supplies information about the product to the retailer and sales staff and deals with customer enquiries
  • Consults with advertising and sales staff and advises retailers on the optimal display of a product and of any promotions
  • Implements plans from display designers or display managers or develops ideas and plans for merchandise display or window dressing
  • Prepares area for new display, constructs or assembles displays from a variety of materials, and dismantles existing displays and returns merchandise to relevant departments
  • Provides feedback about displays to senior managers.

Entry Requirements

Entrants typically possess a professional qualification from the British Design Society, or an approved vocational qualification. Candidates usually require GCSEs/S grades. Degrees and apprenticeships are available, as well as NVQs/SVQs in Visual Merchandising at Levels 1 and 2.

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